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The madcap game Pokemon Go will got a new launch in the year 2016 . Now Beta Version of this game can be played in android phones. The Beta game was first released in the last month of last year (2015)  by Pokemon Company and Niantic. Exact Date of full version will be announced later but it is confirm by company that it will lunch anytime in 2016.

 pokemon go

This game is mainly based on an adventure theme. In this pokemon online game, the player performs as an explorer who need to live in the world of Pokemon Creature worlds and make a fun full deal with all Pokemon Character such as Pikachu Raichu bulba and other. The player has to move in the real world. It should be possible for all players in this way to encounter Pokemon in their vicinity within five minutes. Since it will not be possible for player to take all pocket monsters, there will be the opportunity to exchange with each other Pokemon.

The newest version of Pokemon Go includes fun filled archery points which the player can earn while finding the way out. Apart from archery skill, here is a chance to collect coin points as well. Pokemon Go Plus is one of the best thing that you every seen. Its a hand watch type device that can fetch all information of the game through Bluetooth. Player will be attach with game all time and a light or vibration signal alert them for new events. In addition its should be possible that it carry out some simple actions such as catching Pokemon. Player will get rid to look at their smartphone to with this Pokemon Go Plus Technology


There is news moving rounds in the air that, keeping the theme and popularity of the game in mind, movie makers are getting interested to make a Animated film on the basis of the game of Pokemn go. This game is sure to emerge as your favorite, especially, when boredom catches on to you.

One of the grate addicting game is scary maze game 3 you must play this game for funny play.

Top Action Games That Are Must To Play.

Well,there are many action games which ruled the world for sometime but their are some games which are still alive in the heart of the game player’s.So we picked up some great and big name games for you. They are as follow’s :

Street Fighter Alpha 3 

The Alpha games are particular from the fundamental Street Fighter series in two or three ways. To start with, they utilize a more misrepresented, anime-enlivened workmanship style that still holds up today. Second, the game play rotates around combos and counter-assaults, including meters that, when filled, let you unleash monstrous, rebuffing series of assaults.


Super Street Fighter Alpha 3, which turned out in 1998, adds nine new warriors to the blend, and three diverse battling styles for every character. After its arcade make a big appearance, the game arrived on various distinctive consoles, from the Dreamcast to the PlayStation Portable, however it’s the version for the PlayStation.

Street Fighter IV for PC :

It was Street Fighter II that truly commenced the entire battling game furor in 1991. Once that game hit arcades, it spread like out of control fire, with individuals lining up for an opportunity to pump quarters into the machine and go up against whoever happened to be remaining alongside them.


Road Fighter IV touched base on the scene in 2008, well after most arcades had closed down in the wake of always intense and multiplayer-accommodating home consoles being discharged. Be that as it may, on account of the game’s online capacities, you could in any case alternate doing combating against outsiders, utilizing the series’ anything but difficult to-learn-yet difficult to-ace battling mechanics. There’s a reason Street Fighter is likely the most famous battling game series around, and this fourth portion demonstrates it by and by.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl :

The Super Smash Bros. series began in 1999 on the Nintendo 64. The fundamental reason is that it puts a cluster of Nintendo characters on the screen and gives them a chance to beat the stuffing out of one another in a delightfully trivial and cheerful way. Fight is the 2008 Wii portion of the establishment, and it makes an extraordinary showing of conveying the series’ light for that era of Nintendo equipment.


Fight acquainted a few new components with the series. One is online play, which implied you didn’t need to hold up until the greater part of your companions could approach conflict against them. It likewise acquired a stage manufacturer that let you sort out a level in whatever design you needed. It even stretched out past Nintendo establishments to incorporate Solid Snake and Sonic the Hedgehog in its lineup of warriors.

Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution :

By 2003, when this game propelled, the Virtua Fighter series had made some amazing progress. It started in 1993, when Sega discharged the world’s first polygon-based battling game in arcades. The warriors were piece and the situations were tasteless, yet the center game play mechanics were strong.


After a few continuations, be that as it may, the design had enhanced fundamentally and the battling mechanics hand shown signs of improvement. When Virtua Fighter 4: Evolved was discharged in 2003, battling games didn’t show signs of improvement than this. Of specific note was the profundity and life span of the single-player mode, which proved to be useful in the prior days online multiplayer. Despite the fact that it shows up at No. 4 on this rundown, it ties with the following game.

SoulCalibur II :

Discharged in 2002, SoulCalibur II was hailed by numerous real computer game faultfinders as the best three-dimensional contender ever constructed. It had a colossal, very much adjusted cast of warriors, each with a weapon they could use to bring the agony down on their rivals. The illustrations and sound were first rate, and whether you were playing only it or with a companion, the game gave you bounty to do.More games at


While the GameCube adaptation scored most elevated utilizing our procedure, with a 92 out of 100, the Xbox and PlayStation 2 releases were likewise generally welcomed, and both would have made this rundown all alone, with scores of 90 and 89.5, individually. For comfort, we put the game here, at its most noteworthy imprint.


SoulCalibur :

Dreamcast was the first of its console era to dispatch, so when SoulCalibur turned out for the framework in 1999, there was basically nothing else on the console showcase that looked this great. From the definite character models to the smooth, streaming movements, SoulCalibur cleared out its opposition. Indeed, even the game’s story bulldozes its opposition, by bringing a wide range of unique warriors from different time periods together looking for an extraordinary sword.


Be that as it may, regardless of how you dress it up or pull it together, a battling game is just tantamount to its game play mechanics, and at the end of the day SoulCalibur nails it. With unimaginably responsive controls and an assortment of warriors and styles to ace, this was a game for the ages. Time might have walked on, however SoulCalibur stays one of the best battling games ever.

Tekken 3 for PlayStation :
At the point when the Tekken series appeared, and for a considerable length of time after, it was known as a standout among the most bad-to-the-bone battling game establishments around. Every character had more than 100 one of a kind moves and combos, which made the games trying for newcomers to get and play. Be that as it may, in the event that you took an ideal opportunity to ace a portion of the more helpful moves, and invested some energy honing, you found a marvelous series of games.


At the point when Tekken 3 arrived in arcades in 1997, it put additional accentuation on the third measurement, implying that evading turned into just as vital as obstructing as far as protection. That and different enhancements stayed as the game was ported over to the PlayStation, and proceeded in future Tekken games. Despite the fact that it shows up at No.2 on this rundown, it’s really tied for top spot with the following game.Why not try endless running game “subway surfers“.