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pokemon go

The madcap game Pokemon Go will got a new launch in the year 2016 . Now Beta Version of this game can be played in android phones. The Beta game was first released in the last month of last year (2015)  by Pokemon Company and Niantic. Exact Date of full version will be announced later but it is confirm by company that it will lunch anytime in 2016.

 pokemon go

This game is mainly based on an adventure theme. In this game, the player performs as an explorer who need to live in the world of Pokemon Creature worlds and make a fun full deal with all Pokemon Character such as Pikachu Raichu bulba and other. The player has to move in the real world. It should be possible for all players in this way to encounter Pokemon in their vicinity within five minutes. Since it will not be possible for player to take all pocket monsters, there will be the opportunity to exchange with each other Pokemon.

The newest version of Pokemon Go includes fun filled archery points which the player can earn while finding the way out. Apart from archery skill, here is a chance to collect coin points as well. Pokemon Go Plus is one of the best thing that you every seen. Its a hand watch type device that can fetch all information of the game through Bluetooth. Player will be attach with game all time and a light or vibration signal alert them for new events. In addition its should be possible that it carry out some simple actions such as catching Pokemon. Player will get rid to look at their smartphone to with this Pokemon Go Plus Technology


There is news moving rounds in the air that, keeping the theme and popularity of the game in mind, movie makers are getting interested to make a Animated film on the basis of the game of Pokemn go. This game is sure to emerge as your favorite, especially, when boredom catches on to you.